Daily Feed: Dewey Square Expected to Re-Open This Week

Dewey Square Expected to Re-Open This Week (Without Tents or Protesters). The park, which served as Occupy Boston’s home base for the past two months, is undergoing clean-up and restoration. And landscaping. Lots and lots of landscaping. [CBS]

Arrested Occupy Boston Protesters To Be Arraigned This Week. Some of the 49 men and women who remained at the encampment after the eviction deadline were arrested and could be arraigned as early as today, according to the Herald. Meanwhile, protesters who remain free are doing what they do: re-organizing, standing outside the police station with signs, and making plans to continue the movement in way, shape, or form. [Herald]

The $10,000 Bet That Could Define Mitt Romney’s Run. At the GOP debate on Saturday night, Romney made quite the display of out-of-touch “sophistication” by challenging Rick Perry to a $10,000 bet on live television. In response, the line dominated post-debate TV coverage, thousands of stories popped up online, Jon Huntsman launched this website, and #what10kbuys is still trending on Twitter. Now’s the time to see how Romney does in recovery mode. [Washington Post]

Record-Setting Gronkowski Spikes, Lambeaus His Way to Pats Win. Gronkowski, who set an NFL tight end receiving touchdown record, joked that he’d use the record-setting ball to practice spikes during the off-season after the Patriots beat the Redskins on the road, 34-27. [ESPN]

BU Prof or Sarah Palin? Wilkerson Leaves Class in Middle of Term for Blatant Self-Promotion. The Communication’s Department’s professor Isabel Wilkerson is not in the university’s good books right now, having walked off the (six-figure salary!) job to promo her new book. “Little did any of us know that she would be leaving for the rest of the semester,” said Alessandra Martinez, a COM sophomore. “I know that I was upset when I heard her leave, but became frustrated when I realized she wasn’t coming back.” [Daily Free Press]