Daily Feed: Google Gives $6 Million to Boston Nonprofits

Google Gives $6 Million to Three Boston Nonprofits. The STEM grants to Citizen Schools, the Concord Consortium, and the Harvard School of Public Health are on top of the $2.8 billion of economic activity for the the state’s businesses and nonprofits last year. [Biz Journal]

Everyone’s Cool With Stephen ‘Not Much of a Gambling Man’ Crosby as New Chief Gambling Commissioner. Crosby is one of the state’s favorite go-to guys when it comes to tricky ethical spots, so it only makes sense that they’d pick him as the lead decider when it comes to bringing the sin-packed, multi-billion dollar gambling industry inside state lines. That, plus his total disinterest in the gambling debate to date: “I have absolutely no predisposition,” he said. “I literally don’t know what the pros and cons are. I haven’t thought about it.” [WBUR | Herald]

Junk Mail Costs Mass. Cities and Towns $20 Million. Thanks, U.S. Postal Service, for suggesting that an increase in junk mail will help to save your sinking ship. [WCVB]

Western Mass. Terrorist Not In Western Mass. After All. Investigators say tips have led them back out of Noho in their hunt for alleged lab-bomber Daniel Andreas San Diego. Maybe if they keep their targeted town under wraps, then most-wanted criminals won’t skip town, as reports suggest San Diego did this time. [CBS 3 Springfield]

Gandhi Statue Returned to Peace Abbey After Not-So-Peaceful Stay at Occupy Boston. “It turned up in the hands of people that love that statue … It’s a powerful symbol of nonviolence,” Peace Abbey founder Lewis Randa. But she added: “It’s just fiberglass.” [Wicked Local]