Daily Feed: Watch: Matt Damon Takes Christmas Wishes … as Santa

Matt Damon Dresses Up As Santa Claus, Pawns Eco-Friendly Water Bottles to Kids. Plus: None of the kids who perch atop his lap really know who Matt Damon is, nor care too much about the environment. The future of America!  [Huffington Post]

Mitt Romney ‘Goes Out of His Way’ to Avoid Clashing With Newt Gingrich. But that’s not to say that the questions at last night’s debate — like “what do you think about what Speaker Gingrich has to say about you?” — didn’t attempt to fuel his fire.  [NYT]

UMass Has Terrible Records-Keeping Skills (or: What UMass Learned from Governor Romney). The university is under fire for not taking and/0r keeping 101-level notes throughout the search for a new president, looking vaguely familiar to another records-keeping problem by another state office.  [Boston.com]

Fenway’s Historic Landmark Hopes and Wrigley’s Historic Landmark Problem. The country’s two oldest ballparks are on different sides of the coin when it comes to whether or not being on the National Register of Historic Places is a good thing.  [NYT]

Massachusetts Jobless Rate Lowest Since December 2008. The state unemployment rate in November was 7 percent, while the national rate was 8.6 percent … insert Occupy-esque sign here.  [Biz Journals]