Is Romney the Luckiest Politician Alive?

By now, Romney’s become old hat at facing down his GOP primary opponents. One after another, flawed candidates like Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, and Hermain Cain have risen spectacularly and then crash and burned. The latest polls are showing Newt Gingrich dropping like a rock in Iowa. According to Public Policy Polling, Gingrich has dropped into third place, netting support from only 14 percent of that state’s Republicans. (Was it the affairs? The flip-flopping? The craziness?)

The current Iowa leader — aka, flavor of the moment — is Ron Paul, the erstwhile libertarian from Texas. How long until he, too, implodes, leaving Romney as the only viable candidate? A few weeks? A month? Seriously, which GOP candidates haven’t had their moment in the sun yet? Huntsman? Santorum?

I sincerely hope that Romney prays nightly for his good fortune, to thank the Republicans who decided to forgo the 2012 race. Mitch Daniels, Chris Christie, and Tim Pawlenty would all have given him a run for the money in the “serious candidate” department. Instead, we’re left with Mitt Romney, last man standing.