Daily Feed: Newt Gingrich: 'Please Don’t Turn America into Massachusetts'

Newt Gingrich: ‘Please Don’t Turn America into Massachusetts’. During a campaign event in New Hampshire, Gingrich brought out his fightin’ words to 125 supporters at the Radisson: “We’re thinking of having a Massachusetts rally at some point in New Hampshire, sort of a please don’t turn America into Massachusetts.” To which we have this to say: Please don’t turn Americans into Newt Gingrich. [Boston.com]

Occupy Boston Drops Lawsuit Against City of Boston. Apparently, the slow-moving litigation process isn’t what they expected when they filed the lawsuit. [Fox]

Mitt Romney Would Deport President Obama’s Uncle. President Obama’s uncle Onyango Obama, originally from Kenya but in the U.S. illegally, became our favorite political family member when he threw his weight around by asking to call the White House after being arrested for DUI in Massachusetts this summer. [WLTX]

Two Charged in Fall River Swimming Pool Death. Thirty-six-year-old Marie Joseph drowned in the “cloudy” Vietnam Veterans Memorial Pool on June 26, and her body remained in the pool for 48 hours. [Fox]

Massachusetts to Allow Debit Cards to Buy Lotto Tix. This almost certainly marks the further disintegration of the Bay State into the twisted depths of corruption, evil, and social ruin. [Business Week]