Daily Feed: Ski Resorts Try to Create a White Christmas

Massachusetts Ski Resorts Try to Create a White Christmas. But it’s pretty difficult to make and maintain snowy slopes with temps on the warmer side. The resorts’ Christmas wishes? A string of freezing cold days so they can make up for lost business. [WCVB]

Continuing Mitt Romney Attack, Newt Gingrich Comes Up With ‘Massachusetts Moderate’. Gingrich already expressed his distaste for Massachusetts in general, but his poetry doesn’t stop there: “When a Massachusetts moderate says I’m not conservative, it makes me want to laugh when he goes down that road.” [CBS]

Holiday Travel Tip: Don’t Leave Expensive Belongings on the Megabus. Eighteen-year-old Muchen Hsieh left a loaner violin worth $172,000 on a Megabus from Boston to Philly. Described as a “groggy music student,” she’s probably going to live out the sappy violin soloist cliche for the rest of her life — unless some kind soul turns that baby in to the Philly Police Department. [Chicago Tribune]

NYT Spends 36 Hours in Cambridge. The popular New York Times series — not at all to be confused with the movie 127 Hours — hit up well-known (and a couple slightly more obscure) Cambridge hotspots: Craigie on Main, the Clover Food Lab, the Mount Auburn Cemetery, and more. [NYT]

At-Risk K-12 Students Less Enthusiastic About Winter Break. “Students who are the most at-risk and vulnerable feel their sense of safety going away,’’ said Anne Whittredge, a retired principal and consultant who works with principals. “For our most at-risk students, school is often the place where they feel safe. There’s structure they count on, and adults who are constant.’’ [Boston.com]