Daily Feed: The 'Mitt Fit' — When Romney Loses His Cool

VIDEO: The ‘Mitt Fit’ — When Romney Loses His Cool. Introducing the Democratic National Committee’s patronizing new term for Mitt Romney’s temper, complete with the 2011’s top five Fits. Libs: enjoy. Conservatives in favor of Romney: check your blood pressure first. And by the way, welcome to the age of the condescension ad. [Politico]

From Across the Pond, Condemnation Over Boston College’s IRA Archives. The school’s recent move to accept court orders and surrender their cache of interviews with former members of the IRA has garnered more than a few headlines between Boston and Ireland — but at the heart of the issue are far deeper questions that go way beyond whether or not to hand over the tapes. As the Guardian’s Roy Greenslade puts it, “it touches directly on the problem all journalists face in protecting confidential sources and, in my opinion, we journalists ought to condemn both the British government for pursuing the action and the US judge for acceding to its request.” [The Guardian]

Is a Patriots Meltdown Imminent? Indeed it is — at least, as far as the Globe‘s Dan Shaughnessy is concerned. “They are going down, and going down hard,” he says, followed up with a: “I’m feeling unusually negative here.” Really, Dan? We couldn’t tell. [NECN]

At Least One Person Agrees with Boston’s ‘Drunkest City’ Label. Unfortunately, it’s the doctor who sees the aftermath of the worst that can happen after a glassful of booze. Mayor Menino, on the other hand, has staunchly defended the city’s sobriety, and everyone else is just calling it good fun: “‘We’re not the drunkest, we’re just a lot of fun. And we do it well.'” [The Atlantic]

The 90’s Are Back… In Real Estate Prices. Turns out, housing prices have dropped so far over the course of the real estate bubble burst that we’re right back where we started over a decade ago. In other words, everything your home gained since 2000 has vanished. On the bright side, we may be nearing bottom. [Boston.com]