Where the Hell is the Snow?

It’s now January 2nd and we’ve still had no real snowfall in Boston. I’m nervous to even talk about it, like I’m about to jinx a no-hitter, but except for a dusting on Halloween, the weather has been surprisingly delightful. Yesterday, groggy New Year’s revelers stumbled outside to a beautiful, sunny 50 degree day — a sure sight better than sliding around on icy sidewalks.

Be thankful: During the average year, Boston has usually already weathered several snowstorms by now. See the chart above: Annually, we get just over an inch every November, and nearly eight inches every December. January and February average around a foot each, but the next 5 days are expected to be snow-free — albeit a little chilly — so 2012 is already off on the right foot.

After a brutal 2010-2011 winter, when we received nearly double the average, maybe we’ve earned some decent weather. Or, maybe we’re just catching the balmy benefits of La Nina. Either way, we’re not complaining.