Get Ready to Pay More For Less on the MBTA

Get Ready to Pay More For Less on the MBTA. After a steady trickle of ominous hints, the MBTA is finally getting down to crunching the numbers for its inevitable fare hike: Subway riders, you’re probably looking at ride prices of either $2.40 or $2.25; bus riders, you’ll pony up somewhere around either $1.75 or $1.50, and, by the way, all options come with a side of reduced service. We know you’re not delighted, but if it helps, the MBTA isn’t exactly singing songs about it either. In the words of Charles Planck, the organization’s senior director of strategic initiatives: “Neither choice is appealing to the MBTA, and we know it won’t be appealing to our riders.” It’s just… well, this is what has to happen when you’re camping out on $5+ billion of debt. [Business Week]