Welcome to Winter 2012?

After not one, not two, but an entire half-season’s worth of balmy winter days, today’s single-digit morning has made for a brutal reminder of everything we love to hate about our New England climate. Boston’s collective working community is searching for plausible reasons to work from home today, and of those who can’t, the wisest ones are driving in, because — right on cue — at least four train lines have already dropped the ball (and frankly, after last night’s ride home, biking is out of the question for at the non-hardcore).

Naturally, the modern and miserable have taken to Twitter with their frozen fingers, expressing their frozen fury from every possible angle in 140 characters or less. Now, for your reading pleasure, a roundup of our favorite frozen-fingered tweets:

@keeda: I think the wind forced a tear out of my left eye and then froze it. #boston #cold

@JaredMWells: Wish I could say it’s cold outside but my lips are frozen to my teeth. #Boston

@gracetopia: I believe the technical term for today’s Boston weather is COLD AS BALLS. I say this having lived in Montana and Minnesota. #expertanalysis

@Priskrillex: Not really sure what i’m more intimidated by, first day of real life or the 10degree weather in boston

@kmurf13: Like clockwork… temps dip into the teens & the #MBTA has trains not showing up… Glad we’re gonna be paying them more for their services

@LilRingPR: So cold. Everyone in Boston is an angry little marshmallow right now

We still don’t have any snow, but come on: it’s like it’s not even winter if we don’t have something meteorological to collectively complain about.