Daily Feed: Barbara Lynch Gives Interview to Times, Doesn't Drop a Single F-Bomb

Barbara Lynch Gives Interview to the Times and Doesn’t Drop a Single F-Bomb. The chef with the golden touch — and, by the way, a solid right cross — does, however, drop several other very interesting bombs, like the apparently successful theft of an MBTA bus. [New York Times]

10 Years into Catholic Church Sex Abuse Crisis: ‘Are Kids Safer?’ A decade after Father John Geoghan first stood trial for child molestation, and after years of headlines, accusations, and controversy in the Church, WBUR asks the most important question: ‘Are kids safer?’ The answer: yes. But is the Church doing everything it can? That’s a question that may still be up for debate. [WBUR]

Riders Wholly Unamused By Threat of MBTA Service Cuts. Unsurprisingly, while everybody is happy to agree that the T needs helps, no one actually wants a service cut to happen to their line. In defense of the green line and buses, you have the students. Fighting to hang on to subsidized ferry rides is the South South Shore Chamber of Commerce, and, mad about pretty much everything is the T Riders Union. It’s too bad the MBTA can’t pull out some sort of third option, like, say, selling the naming rights to its transit stops or something — except, oh right: no one wanted that either. [Universal Hub | Wicked Local]

Holyoke Now Officially Led By Mayor Who’s Probably Young Enough to be Your Kid. The Honorable and 22-year-old Alex B. Morse has been able to vote for four years, drink for one year, and was, yesterday, sworn into office at his old high school. You know — the one he only left five years ago. [My Fox Boston]

Tom Brady Back on Sports Illustration Cover Again, Disaster Looms. Go ahead and call it superstition — but the Herald‘s Inside Track makes a pretty spooky case for karmic backlash against SI cover model athletes. Think Dan Shaughnessy had an inside scoop on this when he made all those doomsday predictions? [Herald]