Which is Just Fine, Says the Romney Campaign — Mitt Didn't Want Globe's Support Anyway

Which is Just Fine, Says the Romney Campaign — Mitt Didn’t Want Globe‘s Support Anyway.

CNN: Let’s begin with this endorsement — what do you think the impact will be here in New Hampshire?

Eric Fehrnstrom, Senior Campaign Adviser: Well Soledad, Boston is a two newspaper town and the Globe has a very liberal editorial page. The other newspaper is the Boston Herald. They have a more conservative editorial page. We were pleased to get the endorsement of the Boston Herald. And also yesterday, there were two newspapers in New Hampshire that announced endorsements for Mitt Romney. One was the Nashua Telegraph, we were pleased to get that. The other was the Eagle Tribune. I think there is a growing sense that Mitt Romney is one, the best person to lead in the White House on jobs and the economy, and two, the best-equipped candidate to take on Barack Obama in November.

CNN: So that sounds like a really long way of saying, you don’t care at all! [CNN]