Daily Feed: Penn State Football Players 'Giddy' Over Bill O'Brien

Penn State Football Players ‘Giddy’ Over Coach Bill O’Brien. The Patriots offensive coordinator met with the team for the first time yesterday in a 45-minute private meeting. “I could run through the wall right now. We’re all excited, and I just want to get all this crap behind us,” said linebacker Mike Mauti after the meeting. O’Brien will fulfill his coaching duties with the Patriots through the postseason. [USA Today]

Is Mitt Romney Downplaying His Massachusetts Roots? As other Republican presidential primary candidates try to turn his Bay State roots into a negative, Romney and his crew seem to be maintaining a distance from his four years as governor of Massachusetts. “I went to Massachusetts to make it different. I didn’t go there to begin a political career, running time and time again,” he said during yesterday’s debate, prompting Newt Gingrich to foam at the mouth while turning to Romney’s ’94 loss and his “something like” 200 days off. [Huffington Post]

For Patriots, It’s Tim Tebow and the Broncos Up Next. In just one play, America’s favorite QB to lampoon sealed the deal for the Broncos to face the Pats, who managed to solidly neutralize Tebow once already. [ESPN]

MBTA Memo to Drivers: Don’t Fall Asleep, Please. On the coattails of its “be nice” ad campaign, the T offered a few pointers on employee etiquette: Workers “must not engage in unnecessary conversation or engage in any form of horseplay or distracting behavior,” and employees “must not sleep or give the appearance of sleeping while on duty.” [Herald]

Vassar Street and Mass Ave: ‘One of Highest Accident Locations.’ Looks like all are to blame — motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians — for making this Cambridge intersection one of the worst intersections in Boston, according to police. Scary, yes, but even more so because this intersection didn’t make the state’s list of the 200 most dangereous Massachusetts intersections. [Boston.com]