Daily Feed: Mitt Romney Wins NH by Double Digits

Mitt Romney Wins New Hampshire by Double Digits. Double digits are the operative words here, in terms of percentage points and actual votes, unlike the not-even-double-digit difference in votes back in Iowa. [NYT]

Romney’s Obstacles: Explaining Bain, How to Handle the Inside Job. As Romney carries on to South Carolina, Politico predicts that he “… is about to get stung by a slew of ads featuring laid-off workers who had ties to Bain” and that “the challenge for the campaign will be putting any kind of a human face on Bain in a way that benefits Romney.” Human face? Didn’t they get the memo that the man’s a machine? [Politico]

Gardner Museum Unveils Expansion, Opens to Public Later This Month. The expansion, which has been in the works since 2009 and is the first major change to the space since 1903, marks a new era for the museum — and with it comes the hope that it will be a saving grace. Read more about the Gardner Muesum’s expansion, what it’s been like to work around Mrs. Gardner’s will, and why no one from Harvard is allowed inside. [Boston.com]

Robert Fitzpatrick Tells All on Whitey Bulger and the FBI. For those who don’t just wanna watch The Departed and call it a day, Fitzpatrick, who spent two decades with the FBI, tells all from inside what he calls the “integrity challenged” Boston office in his new book, Betrayal. [Globe]

Winter Storm Will Finally Hit New England. But no snow accumulation predicted in Boston. We’ve asked it before, and we’ll ask it again: Where the hell is the snow? [WCVB]