Daily Feed: How Mayor Menino Should Up the Ante on Tebowing

How Mayor Menino Should Up the Ante on Tebowing. In a mayoral oddity that happens right around the time when two cities’ sports teams face off for championships, Menino and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock are seeking their wagers for Saturday night’s game against the Broncos. In an unparalleled showing of hipness, Menino revealed that “the Tebow Expression” is on the table, and then made some standby remarks about how much Colorado’s beer sucks. Ten bucks says our mayor is really prepared to offer up some Harpoon and call it a day. If Menino really wants to call Denver’s bluff, all he has to match Hancock’s Tebowing with a challenge of planking, then stand back and wait through Saturday’s game like a boss. [Globe]

Mitt Romney: Not Just a Man Who Loves to Fire People, But a Damn Francophile, Too. Or so says Newt Gingrich’s latest attack ad, at least between the lines. Conservative to conservative, can there even be a more horrifying accusation than Romney or — gasp, John Kerry — speaking a bit of French? It’s not too late for the Romney campaign to spin this one. How do you like the sound of Freedom Romney? [The Atlantic Wire]

Elizabeth Warren’s Salary at Harvard: $429,981. Warren earned the sum from 2010 to 2011, excluding her earnings as an expert witness in an antitrust case ($90,000), as a consultant on a case involving asbestos victims ($43,938), from royalty fees ($136,946), or from the stuff that gets complicated: investments, real estate, renting out her multi-million-dollar home, and, you know, earnings from government appointments. [AP]

Rick Santorum Is Latest GOP Candidate to Go Gingrich on Romney. “Oh, look, I think what Newt just talked about with going after Governor Romney’s record in Massachusetts is absolutely dead-on,” Santorum said earlier this week on Fox’s On the Record. “Governor Romney’s record in Massachusetts is deplorable. It’s not a conservative record. It’s tax increases, as he mentioned, $50 a taxpayer-funded abortions in ‘RomneyCare.’ There are a whole host of fees and things that the governor put in place that, actually, he even proposed and a Democratic legislature wouldn’t go along with some of his tax increases. … that’s why I’ve been somewhat, you know, hesitant to go after his Bain Capital record. I don’t want to divert attention away from his horrible record as governor and being a moderate-to-liberal governor in Massachusetts.” [Fox]

The ‘What is Wrong with People?’ Woman, Kids, and Crack Cocaine Edition. Police arrested Shani Byfield for selling the drugs out of a car … with a 3-year-old and 6-year-old — presumably her own — in the back seat. Seriously? [Boston.com]