Daily Feed: Will Mark Wahlberg Visit Whitey Bulger in Jail?

Will Mark Wahlberg Visit Whitey Bulger in Jail? So when you’re Mark Wahlberg and the biggest mobster in America asks you for a jailhouse meeting, what do you do? Stay really, really, really vague. “If there’s a story to be told there, and, you know, we can do it in the way we want in the way that we best see fit, then, you know, then it’s certainly something that we would explore,” he said. Families of Bulger’s victims are criticizing the actor’s interest in Bulger — including Patricia Donahue, whose husband was killed by Bulger, allegedly during a hit on another man. “The government can’t get the truth out of him, nobody seems to be able to get the truth out of him, so why is he gonna to pour his heart out to Markie Wahlberg?” she said.  [Huffington Post]

Then the Clouds Opened Up, and Stephen Crosby Spoke About Casinos. He’s been pretty quiet since his appointment as the chairman of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission — perhaps he needed a minute or two to brush up on his copy of Casino Gambling for Dummies — but Crosby emerged to decree the following: “I’ve said several times that doing this under a sense of urgency to generate money, to generate jobs, or to meet the developer’s wishes, or to meet a community’s wishes — that we can’t do.”  [MassLive.com]

Another Week, Another Reason Bobby Valentine Hates the Yankees. We get it, Mr. Valentine, you don’t like the Yankees anymore. At. all. Now can we please move on?  [NY Daily News]

One-Third of Boston Public High School Students Regularly Cut Class. Efforts by city officials to “lure” students to go to school are not working as thousands of students are chronically absent.  [Globe]

At Copley Place, the Cutest-Ever Girl Says Goodbye … to Everyone. Think of Chloe as the exact opposite of a Walmart greeter: adorable, pleasant, and someone who shoppers don’t blow right by and ignore.  [BuzzFeed]