Daily Feed: MBTA's Dog and Pony Shows Start Tonight

MBTA Plans Dog and Pony Shows on Proposed Service Cuts, Fee Hikes. The first of 20 public hearings kick off tonight in Worcester and Newton, then continue later this week in Chelsea and Roxbury. We’re no psychics, but we can take a gamble on how this will end up.  [AP]

Pretty Much Everything Menino is Going to Say in Tonight’s State of the City Speech. Just in case you aren’t attending his 19th annual address at Faneuil Hall. And no, Ricky Gervais will not be hosting.  [Globe]

Time is Running Out for Everyone Except Mitt Romney. Four days away from the South Carolina primary, and four of the candidates left standing are scrambling to find anything they can to take the wind out of Romney’s sails. You know your campaign has reached dire straits when one of your best options to achieve that goal is to call it quits.  [NYT]

How the Media Is/Isn’t Covering Massachusetts Health Reform. The Columbia Journalism Review is playing watchdog over the coverage of Massachusetts health reform and yesterday launched a new series on the topic. The first post? How the political press missing the story of a recent win for thousands of legal immigrants in Massachusetts who had been tossed off of the state’s health insurance plan. Earlier this month, the state Supreme Judicial Court found it unconstitutional for the state to deny health insurance subsidies to the legal immigrants.  [Columbia Journalism Review]

Who Knew You Could Buy Synthetic Marijuana in Convenience Stores? Teenagers. Also: the police.  [AP]