Daily Feed: Mitt Romney's Iowa Victory Rescinded

Everyone, Please Act Like Iowa Never Happened. Keeping with the theme of counting as the Achilles’ heel of elections, the good folks in Iowa found during a re-count that they can’t conclude anything when they’re missing tallies from eight precincts. So, to simplify the whole mess, they’re rescinding Mitt Romney’s eight-vote “win,” saying that Rick Santorum has a 34-vote advantage, and declaring no official winner in Iowa.  [Des Moines Register]

Mark Wahlberg Apologizes for Ridiculous 9/11 Comments. After pretty much everyone took him to task for telling Men’s Journal that 9/11 would have been different if he were on the plane, Wahlberg apologized, saying: “To suggest I would have done anything differently than the passengers on that plane was irresponsible” and, hitting on the bigger picture, he added, “to speculate about such a situation is ridiculous to begin with.”  [TMZ]

Globe Calls On City Council to Demand Citywide Casino Vote. As Steve Poftak pointed out back in September, it’s not likely that the measure would be struck down either way. It’s a matter of principle: The detail buried in the casino bill that allows the minority to make a decision on casinos that will, undoubtedly, impact the majority should be changed to give everyone a voice in the process.  [Globe]

Why Mitt Romney Is Going to Start Using the ‘M’ Word. We haven’t heard much from Romney on Massachusetts so far, but Peter Fenn says that it’s on the way if he secures the GOP nomination in the coming weeks. Note: This column appeared before the Iowa re-count results broke, so we’re thinking of another ‘M’ word that Romney might prefer to use, at least for now.  [The Hill]

Late to the Party, Mass. Sets Social Media Guide for Investment Advisers. “Much of what an investment adviser posts on a social-media site constitutes advertising and as such is basically subject to the same regulations, record keeping, and restrictions as other forms of advertising,” said William Galvin, secretary of the commonwealth of the seven-page report.  [Investment News]