For Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren, The Pledge Is On

Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren have reached a pledge — not an agreement, but a pledge — that attempts to curb the advertisements from third-parties and super PACs that make state Senate races so … interesting. The pledge requires each side to donate money to a charity of the other’s choosing whenever a third-party ad is aired in their favor, whatever that means. Both candidates will also co-sign a letter to third-party advertisers and denounce the ad in question.

Of course, the statements started flying. First came Warren’s, in an email this morning to Brown, CC: the media:

“I am committed to moving beyond rhetoric and taking real action to stop third-party advertising in this campaign for the U.S. Senate, and I hope the same is true for you.”

Later, Brown said in a statement:

“I’m pleased professor Warren has joined with me in signing my People’s Pledge. This is a great victory for the people of Massachusetts, and a bold statement that puts super PACs and other third parties on notice that their interference in this race will not be tolerated. This historic agreement means the candidates will be in control of their own campaigns and accountable for what is said.”

Then Warren:

“I appreciate Scott Brown’s quick and affirmative response to my proposal this morning … With our joint agreement, we have now moved beyond talk to real action to stop advertising from third-party groups. But both campaigns will need to remain vigilant to ensure that outside groups do not try to circumvent what is an historic agreement. This can give Massachusetts voters a clear choice come Election Day.”

But before all of this and perhaps rendering the whole email circus as useless, Ed Piette, president and general manager of WBZ-TV and myTV38, told the Globe on Friday that he doesn’t expect to turn down ads based on the pledge:

“We’re a broadcaster. We’re not in politics … We don’t get involved in the politics of politics, and that’s what this is all about.”

Guess some charities will be getting pretty nice donations soon. [Politico]