Super Bowl XLII Loss Still Too Soon

Thanks to a lucky shank, the Patriots secured a spot in the Super Bowl on Sunday and are pitted against the Giants again for a repeat of the Super Bowl XLII showdown. But don’t expect the players — or the fans for that matter — to go back to the tapes to learn from past mistakes. Both owner Bob Kraft and quarterback Tom Brady have said it’s still too painful to watch the highlights from that unfortunate game, so with that in mind yesterday, ESPNBoston asked their readers to vote on whether they should repost the fateful clips. “Out of respect for the old wounds some of you might carry from that crushing defeat, we’re going to let you vote on whether we’ll post it here in this forum,” they wrote. The response, by a whopping 70 percent margin, was that it’s still too soon.

You can’t avoid the past forever, fans. And something tells me you’ll be seeing it more than a few times in the next two weeks. Let’s remember, those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

[via The Fifth Down]