Boston Ranks No. 5 Rudest City in America

Boston Ranks No. 5 on List of America’s Rudest Cities. These rankings seem like they’re compiled by people who visit “Beantown,” eat at the The Cheesecake Factory, and wear matching T-shirts while out on their walking tour, just in case anyone gets lost. Their evidence against us? That we’re intelligent and we “might also be guilty” of gloating about our championship sports teams. How rude! Come to think of it, these are the kind of people who prompt us to lay on the horn, the kind of people we flip off when they stand in the middle of the sidewalk, dazed, looking around in circles. So, yeah, maybe we see their point. [Travel + Leisure]

The Boston Sports Mentality Summed Up in 20 Words. ESPN’s Gordon Edges writes: “Man, in this town, if you’re a professional sports franchise and you’re not playing for a championship, you’re standing still.” [ESPN]

Alaska and Boston No. 1 Walking/Biking State and City in U.S. That’s according to a report by The Alliance for Walking and Biking, which ranked Boston ahead of D.C., San Fransisco, Seattle, NYC, and more. [Bike Biz]

Super Bowl Ad Trailer: Volkswagen. Last week, Volkswagen released a commercial for its commercial — a sneak peek of a Star Wars-esque bunch of barking dogs, Chewbacca look-alike included. [YouTube]

The ‘What Is Wrong With People?’ Decapitated Jesus Statue Edition. Vandals knocked the head off the statue, which people would walk by and touch for inspiration, outside of the Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta at St. Margaret’s church in Dorchester. Nice one, vandals: Decapitating Jesus outside of a church named for Mother Teresa. Losers. [Herald]

A Visitor Explains the Difference Between Boston and Cambridge. … in what could have started out as a Facebook status update then turned into a blog post instead. [Business Insider]