The Marriage Primary

Republican candidates marriages

About a week and a half ago, ABC poured gasoline on the raging fire that is the GOP presidential primary when it aired allegations that Newt Gingrich once asked his second wife, Marianne, for an “open marriage.” (According to Marianne, she declined the generous offer for her husband to continue carrying on his years-long affair with Callista Bisek.) When CNN’s John King brought up the allegations at a debate, Gingrich almost combusted, before totally eviscerating King.

Gingrich may be denying the open marriage, but not the adultery: Back in 2007, he even confessed his sins to Focus on the Family founder James Dobson. So, if you’re keeping track: I never asked my wife for permission to cheat, I just did it behind her back. Got it.

With Florida’s primary tomorrow, I thought it’d be helpful to illustrate the length of relationships — both dating and marriage — of the remaining Republican candidates, as well as President Barack Obama. (Congratulations to Rep. Ron Paul and his wife, Carol, for their 55th wedding anniversary this Wednesday!) All but one of the candidates, as you can see, have had long, steady relationships with their respective spouses. That is, of course, except Gingrich, who is on wife number three, but sees no irony in campaigning as a family values’ candidate. Forget “Angry Little Attack Muffin” —w e ought to be calling him Mr. Overlap.