Menino and Michael Bloomberg Place Super Bowl Wagers

Mayor Menino, Michael Bloomberg Place Super Bowl Wagers in Friendly Bet. No more lame-o bets of wearing the losing team’s jersey or sending off a bunch of chowder to another part of the country. For the big game, Menino or Bloomberg will host a family of four from the winning city for a Super Tour of either Boston or New York, whichever team loses. That’s great and all, but will someone please tell JetBlue, the Ritz, Legal Harborside, the Top of the Hub, the Bruins/Celtics, the Isabella Stewart Garnder museum, Duck Boat Tours, the Boston Public Library, Sam Adams, and Menino that their services won’t be needed? [New York Post]

Kevin White: A ‘Rarity’ in Politics. “Working with Kevin wasn’t easy,” says George Regan, who served as White’s communications director. “He loved to yell and scream. It wasn’t for the faint of heart. It was like a bunch of scorpions in a bowl. If you could survive that, you could survive anything.” Boston City Council president Stephen J. Murphy added: “One of his singular talents was he could find talent and develop that talent. It’s a rarity in politics.” [Herald]

Mitt Romney Hopes Florida GOP Doesn’t Vote Like Herman Cain. As in, picking Newt Gingrich first, and then saying that Mitt Romney is an “OK” second. []

WCVB Reports Missing Maine Girl Dead, Police Aren’t Thrilled. Maine State Police spokesman Stephen McCausland reacted with anger to the station’s report last night that Ayla Reynolds is dead, calling the report “unattributed, irresponsible, and inaccurate.” [Bangor Daily News]

Boston Man Asks Police to Arrest Him for Selling Drugs. As if the man in handcuffs mouthing the word “Cops” didn’t give it away. But who doesn’t love a good crime story? [Charlestown Patch]