Hell Actually Froze Over on the Filene's Crater

Hell Actually Froze Over on the Filene’s Crater in Downtown Crossing. Looks like pit boss Steven Roth and Vornado Realty Trust are out, and Millennium Partners is in on the long-idle Filene’s site in Downtown Crossing. In the works is a tower that will include offices, retail stores, and residences, according to city officials.  [Globe]

Stay Safe and Have Fun Watching/Celebrating Super Bowl XLVI! You’re excited. We’re excited. Everyone is excited. Menino and the BPD are likely excited, too, but instead decided to put on their poker faces to make sure the public stays safe on Sunday. So whatever you do, don’t get all hopped up on Gansett and set your couch on fire. Let’s go Pats!  [WHDH]

What Journos Are Writing About Indianapolis. Because, gasp, hosting the Super Bowl in Indianapolis is like hosting the Super Bowl in a foreign land. Our favorite quotable: Mikey Glazer, of Reuters, who wrote: “There’s never been a ‘Real Housewives of Indianapolis,’ an ‘A-list Indianapolis,’ or even a ‘Real World, Indy.’ With this weekend’s Super Bowl bringing the pop culture focus to the Midwest, the question for many marketers who considered hosting events is: ‘If Bravo’s never been there, is it worth going?’ …” OK, first, that is kind of a ridiculous question, and second: Have these people even seenThe Real Housewives of South Boston‘ (or the ‘Real Dude Man Bros of Southie‘)? Great litmus test, marketers.  [Indianapolis Star]

Watch: The Real-Life Jim/Dwight Feud Is John/Jimmy. John Krasinski has quite the affinity for playing pranks on pal/neighbor Jimmy Kimmel, just like Jim to Dwight (but minus the stapler and Jell-o, desk wrapped in paper, and Morse Code). Krasinski broke into Kimmel’s house twice — once to set up Santas and snowmen inside the house, and again to assemble a garden installation in the yard — prompting Kimmel to deadpan: “We’re thinking about moving.”  [Huffington Post]

Horace Mann School Politely Asks For No Valentine’s Day Sweets. But the flirtatious notes and poems exchanged on V-Day between youngsters are still perfectly acceptable.  [Fox]