Super Bowl XLVI Predictions

With Super Bowl Sunday fast approaching, Boston sports fans may need to keep their fingers crossed for the big game. It seems like the experts and much of the country is favoring the Giants, though Patriots supporters insist those odds are rubbish. Now, the Pats could very well prevail in the end (to avenge their previous loss in Super Bowl XLVI) but it’s not impossible that the underdog Giants may be up for round two. For now, sit tight and check out who’s saying what before the whole thing plays out.

Pulling for the Pats:

“New England Patriots Defense Will Surprise Everyone.” If the Pats can focus on their defense, it’ll be all over for New York. [Bleacher Report]

“Not Only are They Going to Win, But They Are Going to Win Reasonably Easily.” Still stunned the Giants made it to the final face-off, T.O Whenham believes the Patriots are a more rounded team overall. [Doc’s]

“I’m Not Worried About the Super Bowl Anymore … DivaLover159 Picked The Pats.” New England fans can sleep soundly because one supportive fan (that may be an understatement) claims, quite hilariously, that his team has it on lock. [Barstool Sports — posted by El Presidente, no less]

“Dear Reader: We’re Winning Winning.” A hopeful, precursory lesson in winning for Boston sports fans. [The Weekly Dig]

“The Patriots are Going to Avenge Their Super Bowl Loss Four Years Ago and Beat the Giants.” It’s time New England even the Super Bowl score to avoid serving fans a second upset to the Giants. [SB Nation]

“Tom Brady will throw for more than 300 yards, including three touchdown passes. After one of them, one of the announcers will inform us that he is married to a supermodel.” An intensive pre-Sunday analysis concludes the Patriots have a leg up on the Giants with a final score of 31-28. [Washington Post ]


Giants, Hands Down:

“So I’m taking the Giants plus the points and the over of 55.” After pulling through a tiresome season, the Giants have heart and are a shoe-in for a sequel underdog story. []

“Giants Front Four Could Control Destiny.” Fox Sports believe the Giants will edge the Patriots as long as the plays to their strengths. [Fox Sports]

NFL Experts Super Bowl Pick … the Giants. Six out of the ten experts at ESPN go blue in their predictions. [ESPN]

… and so do five of five CBS Sports Experts. Head honcho CBS Sports experts believe New York is going to take it all on Sunday. [CBS Sports]

“Giants, Patriots Offer Roadmap to Super Bowl 2012.” Kravitz of the Indy Star claims: “It isn’t just the two best teams gracing Indianapolis for this Super Bowl XLVI. It’s the two best franchises.” [Indy Star]