Single and Celebrating Valentine's Day?

Don’t have a lover this Valentine’s Day? Then it’s time to celebrate being solo! Boston knows the value in standing alone or with friends, and singletons can really enjoy some single romance this February. Here are some ways of celebrating you.

Put the Art in Heart: Even the goddess of love enjoys her alone-time as you’ll see if you visit the Museum of Fine Arts during Valentine’s week. The exhibition “Aphrodite and the Gods of Love” closes on the 20th, so why not feast your peepers on these classics while you can? The exhibits celebrate passion while also reminding us of the trouble that romantic love can bring. (Let’s face it, Venus ain’t always about the warm fuzzies, and she’s certainly a powerful singleton). And if you’re more about the modern, I recommend Shepard Fairey at the Institute of Contemporary Art. This bold, inspiring artist often portrays lone figures who, in my view, wouldn’t seem half as powerful if portrayed in a pair or group.

Sex For One: Remind yourself that your sex life isn’t dependent on others by visiting Boston’s many sex-positive stores. Central Square’s Hubba Hubba is staffed by warm, enthusiastic women who really believe in the power of sexuality, be it solo or partnered. There’s a wealth here for the solo lover, and the staff warmly embrace all genders and sexual identities. Either by yourself or with friends, you can browse the kinky outfits, vibrators, and sexy accessories, or use the changing rooms to emerge as a French Maid or leather-clad dom. Of course, Boston also boasts Good Vibrations as well as a host of enticing underwear stores, and for those who love baths, scents, and pampering, Lush on Newbury Street is an awesome treat, and the staff is wonderful. Then there’s Burdick’s for everything chocolate. And after any or all of the above, you can bed yourself with passion.

Dinner for One, with Books: Trident Book Store on Newbury Street is a sex-positive gem, and for those who love popular culture, it’s also near the fabulous Newbury Comics. Not only does Trident stock an interesting sex and erotica section (this is rarer than you may think), but the members of staff also don’t flush when you ask where it is. What’s more, the cafe at Trident is perfect for dining solo or with a friend, especially if you choose one of the high tables where folks sit quietly with laptops and books; I’ve always had the most peaceful time while sitting there. According to cafe manager Courtney Flynn, solo diners and groups of friends are very welcome during Valentine’s week. “You can come and be alone,” says Flynn, “or meet people, if you want.” She adds that the store is low-key on Valentine’s Day, welcoming those who enjoy being by themselves or with pals. There’s also TV, magazines, books, and a vast menu that won’t break the bank. And, oh my gosh, the sweet potato fries …

Movie Date: Why not finish the evening off with a movie at home? Some of my favorite films and series that celebrate kick-ass singles and friends/allies include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hustle, Leon, and, of course, the Harry Potter movies. And for those who enjoy erotic film, fair trade erotica, and porn, my faves include Secretary (an explicit BDSM romance that is perfect for viewing with friends), Matinee by Blue Artichoke Films, and the Crashpad — queer and lesbian porn with impeccable production values.

Enjoy your solo Valentine’s Day, Boston!