The Most Divorced Towns in Massachusetts

Slideshow: The Most Divorced Towns in Massachusetts. Just in time for February 14, an 80-click slideshow featuring the towns in Massachusetts with the highest rate of divorce, according to census data. The top five with the highest divorce rates are Vineyard Haven (19.29 percent divorced), Orleans (21.11 percent), Monson (21.73 percent), Great Barrington (22.08 percent), and No. 1 Onset (27.48 percent). Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! [WCVB]

Mitt Romney’s Latest ‘Hurdle’: Rick Santorum’s Hat Trick. No, not the hat trick where the magician pulls the rabbit out of the hat (but that probably applies here, too). ‘Non-factor’ candidate Santorum won Minnesota, Colorado, and Missouri last night, which, in a way, are non-factor states since they don’t bear much weight for awarding delegates. [MSNBC]

Plan for Longfellow Bridge Revamp Unveiled. The bridge will shrink from two lanes to one outbound and widen the bike lanes and sidewalks. The renovation is expected to start in a year. [Globe]

Gisele to the Patriots: More Like Jessica Simpson to the Cowboys or Yoko Ono to the Beatles? This burning question needs an answer and, naturally, everyone who’s weighing in seems to agree on one thing: Less is more. “Giselle must keep away from the locker room and refrain from any statements to the media regarding Tom and/or the Patriots, in order to preserve the relationships between her husband and his teammates,” publicist and sports blogger Angie Meyer said. [Fox]

This is What 900 Pounds of Butterfingers in Copley Square Look Like. A pawnbroker dumped the candy to pay tribute to Wes Welker, aka, 185 pounds of butterfingers on the Pats roster. Get it? The mayor’s office will issue a citation for commercial dumping. [Citizens Connect / Universal Hub]

That Awkward Moment When Caffeine Huffing Replaces Coffee Drinking. AeroShot, a Chapstick-sized tube containing inhalable caffeine, is on the market in Massachusetts, thanks to Harvard biomedical engineering professor David Edwards. []