Road Rage Paid in Pennies

Think pennies are worthless? Turns out they can get you in a quite a bit of trouble. On Tuesday, an Ashland man was arrested for allegedly chucking a handful of pennies at another motorist following what appears to be a low-grade, happens-all-the-time type incident.

According to reports, the motorist, identified as Paul Castelli, 42, was allegedly cut-off by another driver, prompting Castelli to lay on his horn. Sounds pretty standard. Yet when the two vehicles ended up side-by-side, Castelli allegedly grab a handful of pennies and hurled them at the other motorist’s car. Apparently the other motorist, who has not been identified, was driving with her window down (because that’s a totally normal thing to do in February) and a few of the pennies came in her window, striking her face and knocking off her glasses. Good heavens!

I guess the cops caught up with Castelli and charged him with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, which has to make you wonder what else is considered dangerous — like a stuffed teddy bear if thrown with enough velocity.

Anyway, Castelli was released after pleading not guilty at his arraignment yesterday. Here’s hoping he drove home calmly, and without making (alleged) additional unwanted donations into other people’s cars.