Grammys: Adele Gives Shout Out to Steven Zeitels

Grammys: Adele Gives Shout Out to Steven Zeitels. En route to her Grammy sweep last night, Adele gave a pretty sweet thank-you to the doctors who saved her voice, including Steven Zeitels, the MGH doc who performed surgery on her vocal chords back in November. Even sweeter still is the fact that the docs were the second people she thanked during her first of six acceptance speeches — second only to Dan Wilson, who co-wrote “Someone Like You.” Win.  [YouTube]

JetBlue Has a New Red Sox-Themed Ride. The new Airbus A320 features a pair of dangling socks at the tail of the plane, and passengers on Friday’s maiden flight to Fort Myers, Fla., found Red Sox jerseys and hats on their seats. No word whether Yankees fans are permitted in the cabin.  [MLB]

Why People in Massachusetts Don’t Call It ‘Romneycare.’ … because it took a lot of other people to get it done, even though Mitt Romney got the ball rolling. That, and it’s not as controversial here as it is everywhere else.  [NPR]

Are Child Pornography Sentences Too Rigid? That’s essentially what some are considering because of the “caustic conflict” between policy makers and federal judges on the sentencing guidelines. “The guidelines [for sentencing] don’t make sense, even for one who wants to be tough on pornography,” says Nancy Gertner, a retired U.S. District Court judge who served on the bench in Boston until September. “The measure of the guidelines doesn’t match the culpability of the defendant.’’  [Globe]

JFK Library Releases Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Papers. On the heels of the fall opening of the Jackie O interviews, the library released additional papers this morning to scholars and researchers that offer a never-before-seen account of her efforts to restore the state rooms of the White House, as well as her televised tour of the White House. Library director Tom Putnam says the papers showcase the former first lady’s “legendary attention to detail.”  [AP]