President Obama's Itinerary vs. GOP Candidates': A Study in Contrasts

President Obama’s Itinerary vs. GOP Candidates’: A Study in Contrasts. Today, President Obama’s day looks something like this: Visiting Hollywood on a fundraising trip that includes a Foo Fighters live performance and a $35,000 per-plate-dinner at a private residence. Santorum: “meeting with pastors, condemning the expansion of same-sex marriage laws and of government, and touting his conservative values.” Romney: Coming up with a response to Nobel-laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel and continuing his attack in Michigan. [Washington Post]

Jeremy Lin for the Win! … and other Ivy Leagues in the NBA. If you haven’t seen Lin’s three-point buzzer beater from last night’s Knicks game, it’s must-see TV. Who would have thought that one of the hottest players in the NBA right now would be a guy who played at Harvard, or for that matter, that Harvard would be 21-3 overall and well over .500 mid-way through conference play? To the former point, Bob Ryan has a pretty cool round-up of the best Ivy Leaguers in NBA history on, and to the latter, read Peter May’s profile of Harvard coach Tommy Amaker in this month’s issue. [YouTube |]

Crate-Gate Follows Mitt Romney to Westminster Dog Show. It’s been almost 30 years since Romney strapped his family’s Irish Setter, Seamus, on the roof of a station wagon en route to Canada, but no one seems about to let sleeping dogs lie with this one. Yesterday at the Westminster Dog Show in NYC, a group of protesters called Dogs Against Romney gathered “everyone who believes dogs aren’t luggage” to “protest Romney’s abusive treatment of dogs” outside of Madison Square Garden. [Christian Science Monitor]

Howie Carr Writes The Same Sal DiMasi Column Twice. Exhibit A: Friday’s third-person commentary “Caged Sal DiMasi Will Sing Like a Bird“; and Exhibit B: This morning’s eerie out-of-body experience “You’re Sal DiMasi & This is Your Life.” [Herald]

Caesars Makes Push for Casino at Suffolk Downs. Caesars CEO Gary Loveman lunched yesterday with some of Boston’s biggest wigs in hopes of making way for Caesars to bring in a $500 million casino at the East Boston horse track. Loveman’s biggest stumping point is that an urban casino is better than a rural one, a direct pop in the nose to the Kraft/Wynn plan for a casino in Foxboro. Game on. [NECN]