The Speculation Begins: Another Kennedy in Massachusetts?

The Speculation Begins: Another Kennedy in Massachusetts? As if Romneycare and Brown/Warren weren’t enough, we now have Joe Kennedy III to thank for all kinds of broad-brush Massachusetts-isms from around the country. Politics! [LA Times]

Former Globe Reporter Anthony Shadid Dies in Syria. Shadid, 43, was reporting inside Syria for nearly a week when he died from an apparent asthma attack on Thursday. He wrote for The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Globe, and the AP, covering the conflict and turmoil in the Middle East for two decades. Read excerpts of Shadid’s work from the NYT. [NYT]

No One Knows Why Dolphins Are Stranding on the Cape. Researchers are collecting massive amounts of data to try to answer one question — why? — but no one can figure out why 178 dolphins have stranded on the Cape since January, the biggest single-species stranding in at least two decades. [Globe]

Frank Moss on Susan Hockfield: ‘She Was Incredibly Supportive.’ Moss, the director of the MIT Media Lab from 2006-2011, shared his thoughts in the wake of the news of Hockfield’s departure: “She was incredibly supportive of my agenda at the Media Lab, and the Media Lab in general. When I came in, I was facing serious challenges that had been in play for some time, maybe since the dot-com bust. … As a scientist, she was able to understand the risk-taking and the fact that there was, and is, rigorous science done at the lab. … Her influence as a practicing scientist had an impact on our ability to hire faculty like Ed Boyden and Ramesh Raskar.” []

One Good Thing About This Unusually Warm Weather? Potzilla. Another good thing about this unusually warm weather? Potholes aren’t as big of a problem from the get-go. [CBS]