Martha Coakley's Redemption Is Official

Two Years Later, Martha Coakley’s Redemption Is Official. Coakley talks to the Globe about her loss to Scott Brown and what became her major comeback as the state’s attorney general. “The thing I feel worst about is people’s perception, and the media, that somehow I felt entitled to the seat, that I hadn’t worked hard enough, that I took it for granted,’’ she says. “I knew if I was going to run for reelection I had to face it head-on among constituents.’’ Turns out that no one — not even Michelle Obama — was more upset about the loss than Coakley herself.  [ | NYT]

New Roadie Crush Alert: Bobby Valentine. The Red Sox’s new manager casually mentioned in a convo with reporters on Sunday that he’s been biking to Fenway Park every day, just early enough to watch the sunrise swallow one of America’s most storied parks with morning light. For those who love bikes and/or the Sox, that’s pretty much the equivalent of a long walk on the beach.  [ESPN]

Gender-Changing Treatment for Kids: Uncommon, But Growing. Dr. Norman Spack, director of the gender identity medical clinics at Children’s Hospital Boston, authored a report yesterday in the journal Pediatrics about kids and teenagers who request body-altering treatments because they were born the wrong sex. “If you open the doors, these are the kids who come. They’re out there. They’re in your practices,” he says.  [Reuters]

Is Now the Time to Trade Ball-Tossing Rajon Rondo? Likely affirmative, at least to one Herald columnist. File under: Crazy idea of the day.  [Herald]

Missionary Trips A 200-Year-Old Tradition That Began at Salem Harbor. Plus: The United States sent the most Christian missionaries abroad in 2010, totaling 127,000 of the world’s estimated 400,000 missionaries.  [Reuters]