Red Sox/JetBlue Get Schooled in Internet 101

Internet 101: Learn to Secure Your Freaking Domain Name. It only costs a few bucks to secure a domain name through And that’s exactly how much Fort Myers, Fla., resident (and Chicago Cubs fan) Eric Engelman spent when he heard the news last year that the Red Sox and JetBlue would purchase the naming rights to JetBlue Park. Engelmen secured the domain name … then promptly decided to redirect the page to “It does?” said Sam Kennedy, the Sox’s VP/COO, when told Tuesday afternoon of the switcheroo. “Have him call me. We can make a deal. Or maybe we can make a deal.” [News Press]

Will Mitt Romney Show a Glimmer of Humanity at Tonight’s GOP Debate? It’s all up to him, but it certainly couldn’t hurt his odds. [CNN]

Deval Patrick Named Co-Chairman of Obama Campaign. Patrick is one of 35 national co-chairs of President Obama’s re-election campaign and is among the lengthy list that includes politicians, the two former White House chiefs of staff, campaign volunteers, and Eva Longoria. [AP]

College Students Busted at Canada/Vermont Border for Contraband. Federal agents conducted random searches of the students’ luggage and found 30 under-21-year-olds with a lot of alcohol, a little bit of weed, and one tab of ecstasy. Four are BU students, and the other 26 aren’t identified but attend schools in the Boston area. You know what they say: What happens in Quebec doesn’t stay in Quebec. [WCVB]

City Council Could Change the Blight of Trashy-Looking Satellite Dishes. The resolution would require satellite companies to install dishes in more discreet locations than, say, directly above the front door of a house/apartment/building/condo. Of all cities in the United States known for beautiful neighborhoods, Philadelphia was the first to pass a similar measure, and Boston City Council is expected to follow suit next week by passing a resolution for Menino’s approval. [WCVB]

Boston Beer Co. Brews Specialty Keg-Only Beer for Marathon. The commemorative 26.2 Brew, which will be unveiled tomorrow at the Sam Adams Brewery in JP, will be available at marathon-related events and also at pubs and restaurants along the marathon route. It’s brewed with coriander and salt (presumably to help runners boost their electrolytes post-race), and some predict it will be a Belgian-style wheat beer, like a Blue Moon. Sam, this is why we love you so. [Stride Nation]