Cambridge Finally Has a Mayor

Ten Votes and Two Months Later, Cambridge Finally Has a Mayor! Congratulations to Henrietta Davis, who City Council deemed fit for the job last night, ending weeks and weeks of voting. Sincerely, City of Boston, where our mayor serves a life term. [Wicked Local]

Brian G. Anderson, MIT Junior, Found Dead in Dorm Room. Anderson, 21, of Minnesota, was a management major and member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity and the university’s wrestling team. University officials do not believe the cause of death was suicide, which caused two students deaths at the school this year. “Questions will naturally arise about the circumstances of this death … I encourage everyone to refrain from speculation,” Chancellor Eric Grimson said in a statement. “At this early stage, there is no strong indication that Brian’s death was the result of suicide.” []

Mitt Romney Seems Like ‘Steady Eddie’ of the Candidate Field. And other bits of obviousness from debate season. [NPR]

Boston Ranks No. 6 in U.S. for Snow Underachievers This Year. We’ve had less than 25 percent of our typical annual snow output, putting us in the same boat as Philly, Kansas City, Bismarck, D.C., and Baltimore. Meanwhile, temps today are in the 50’s and maybe, just maybe, we could see an inch of snow overnight, but we’re highly skeptical. [Washington Post]

Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren on Fundraising: Let’s Take This Outside. Outside of Massachusetts, that is. The two candidates have decided to take their efforts outside of the Bay State, with Brown rallying in Florida as Warren sets her sights on California. []