Deval Patrick Considers Short-Term MBTA Fix

Deval Patrick Considers Unspent Snow and Ice Removal Funds on MBTA. Putting his hat back on after being MIA on the MBTA, Patrick proposes a drop in the bucket as a first step toward fixing the T’s cash woes. “… We’ve had a good and calm and relatively snow-free winter so far. If the winter continues as it has been, there will be unspent snow and ice budget. That may be part of the one-year fix,” he said. “We need a permanent fix. We are working on both what the permanent fix ought to be … and also what a short-term measure ought to be so we can avoid some of the service cuts that are on the table right now.” [Herald]

US Postal Will Stay Open in Boston, At Least for Now. Yesterday USPS formally announced its plans to close its facilities in Wareham, North Reading, Lowell, Waltham and Shrewsbury, while keeping open the Boston facility on Dorchester Avenue. “Anything’s possible, but as of right now, the plan is to consolidate operations from various locations into Boston at this time,” says USPS spokesman Dennis Tarmey. Of all things once a given but now embattled — Pluto, the penny — this hit really hurts. [Biz Journals]

Massachusetts Health Care: Aside from the Rhetoric and Costs, It’s Working. Dr. Ralph de la Torre, chairman/CEO of Steward Health Care System, sums it up: “Bombarded by facts and fictions about Obamacare, many Americans may not realize that the experiment in Massachusetts is very much on track. More than 98% of state residents now have health coverage—the nation’s highest level.” [Businessweek]

Hubway Bike-Sharing Program Re-Opens in Early March. Weather notwithstanding, the soft launch starts on March 1 for Hubway stations on sidewalks or private property. The remaining stations, which are located on roadways or parking spaces, will be re-opened around St. Paddy’s Day. Even though the Hubway turned 100,000 in bike years back in October, we all know that it’s turning 2 in human years later this this summer. And with lofty expansion plans slated for Somerville and Cambridge, my, how it’s grown. []

Elizabeth Warren, Scott Brown Face Off … With Radio Spots. In what’s fun to imagine as the most passive-aggressive race of the season (see: Let’s Take This Outside!), both have released dueling radio spots over the back-in-the-limelight issue of contraception — but never mention each other (or Obama) by name. [WBUR]