Boston Ranks No. 3 Best Student City in the World

World’s Best Cities for Students: No. 3 Boston Is Only U.S. City to Rank. Coming in behind Paris and London, Boston is the third best city in the world for students, based on quality of living, employer activity, and affordability within cities of 250,000 residents or more. [Atlantic Cities]

Jason Varitek Will Retire, Offered Position Within Red Sox. No word yet on whether Tek will stick around with the Sox, but either way, we can’t help but wax nostalgic about his time behind the plate. We published this farewell about two years too soon, but it still rings pretty true to this day. [ESPN]

This Aerial 360 View of Fenway Park Is The Coolest Thing You’ll See All Day. “Why would I ever need to see a 360-degree aerial view of Fenway Park from 75 and 200 feet above ground?” you may be asking yourself. Here’s why: Because this year is the park’s 100-year anniversary, and love makes you do some pretty crazy things. [USA Today]

Federal Budget Cuts Mean Massachusetts Could Lose 50,000 Jobs. A sobering analysis by researchers at the University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute finds that the cuts, slated to start in 2013, would hit the following sectors the hardest during the next 10 years: defense, professional, health care, administrative, and government. “A lot of these sectors that have made Massachusetts so strong — and so strong in the recovery — are essentially underwritten by federal aid,’’ said Martin Romitti, director of economic and public policy research at the Donahue Institute. “If we get to the point where these automatic cuts are triggered, it could be bad.’’ [Globe]

Boston Bike Czar Nicole Freedman Lists Wins Before Listing Wins. Ahead of tonight’s Boston Bikes Annual Update at the Public Library, Freedman gives the quite lengthy short-list of accomplishments for cycling in Boston: The Hubway, miles and miles of bike lanes, numerous accolades, and practically changing the image of cycling in this city from a cultural taboo to a viable method of getting from Point A to Point B. []