Rookie Year

The first class of statues in six years hits the road.

Illustration by Michael Cho

Think you’re seeing cops everywhere? Beginning in March, the feeling will no longer be a symptom of unchecked paranoia. On March 9, for the first time since 2006, some 200 newly minted troopers will don the state police’s signature blue uni. And seeing them everywhere is precisely the point. Over the past six years, about 500 officers have left the force due to normal attrition, and because of budget restraints, the troopers haven’t been able to start replenishing their ranks until now. “That means fewer cruisers on the roads and streets,” says David Procopio, director of media communications for the state police, “people see fewer troopers, and there is less deterrence and greater response time.” The rookies will all start on road patrols, and are expected to clamp down on drunk driving, arrests for which have decreased precipitously in the past few years. Hopefully they’ll spare us the power trip.