Update: World Record Rowing Attempt

Day five, first place, and more or less in the middle of nowhere. That’s how Team Titan is faring in its quest to break the world record for transatlantic rowing. In January, we wrote about Bryan Fuller, a veteran rowing to support Community Rowing, Inc. and their program that helps get veterans into crew boats.

Fuller told me he expected a difficult, 2,601-mile journey in which the team would be pulling at the oars 24/7 for 30 days, conditions permitting. Part of the cadence includes rest periods for each of the team members. Fuller said the first few days are the most difficult, with seasickness a matter of when, not if. Same with shark sightings, incidentally.

By now, having traveled over 80 nautical miles, they’re well out of sight of land and probably other boats as well. Just seven men, the sea, and the clock. Fuller said he’d hoped to pack along a radio — and perhaps even a joke book — to help keep morale high and the mood light.

Follow Fuller’s progress on a Facebook page so dedicated, and leave him a comment to let him know he’s got your support, or send well-wishes to the entire Titan team through its website.