Feel Good Story: Dan Mosher Loves Being a Chauffeur for Nobel Laureates

Today, Mosher will chauffeur MIT professor Robert Merton. But to Mosher, it’s more than just giving someone a ride — it’s giving his 10th Nobel Laureate a ride. “These are the real heroes that kind of get brushed to the back a little bit compared to a Kevin Garnett or a Paul Pierce [of the Boston Celtics] or some of the guys from the Patriots,’’ said Mosher, who, as part of his gig, gets to sit in on the laureates’ lectures and talks. “Don’t get me wrong, they do a lot of good stuff for young sick kids, but these guys here are trying to cure cancer or ALS disease and explain the universe to us and proving to us that electrons and protons and neutrons are made up of these quark things. Just stuff that I never studied in science.’’ [Globe]