Do You Have Nomophobia (No Mobile-Phone Phobia)?

Do You Have Nomophobia (No Mobile-Phone Phobia)? Yes, there’s actually a word for the extreme stress and panic caused when you can’t reach of your Blackberry. “Some people get panic attacks when they are not with their phones,” says adolescent psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg. “Others become very anxious and make all endeavors to locate the mobile phone. I have clients who abstain from school or their part-time jobs to look for their phones when they cannot find them in the morning.” Read more: Senior editor Janelle Nanos explores her relationship with her phone in this month’s magazine story, So Appy Together. [CNN]

Massachusetts and Mitt Romney: The Ambivalence Goes Both Ways. On one side, you have Massachusetts voters, who yesterday said things while voting for Romney like “He should be all right” … and on the other, you have the former governor, who spent his last year in office outside of the state, opted not to run for re-election, and avoided coming back like the plague. [NYT]

Harvard Basketball: Ivy League Champs, First NCAA Tourney Berth Since 1946. Congrats to the Crimson, who have overcome “112 years of on-court mediocrity,” and to head coach Tommy Amaker, who is the driving force behind the team’s success. In the team’s honor, The Harvard Crimson has a pretty complete (6,800-word) piece on the team’s history — from the dark ages to the turnaround. [The Crimson]

Massachusetts Public Colleges to Start Tracking Civic Engagement. As in, college students will have to fulfill some to-be-determined civic engagement requirements in order to graduate. “It’s one thing to say we’re teaching this,” says Carol Geary Schneider, president of the Association of American Colleges and Universities. “It’s another to say we intend to report the results, and in doing so, to put civic learning on the front page as an expected college outcome.” [IHE]

The Rock Re-Creates Boston History, Makes Fun of John Cena. Imagine a world where you’re Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and can mock guys like 6’1″/251 lb. John Cena without the fear of repercussion. Behind the distant comfort of the internet, let’s take a moment and mock the Rock, whose recent credits include The Other Guys (pretty funny), Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (not so much), and Tooth Fairy (ha!). []