Mark Wahlberg, A&E Will Pilot 'Teamsters,' Set in Boston

Mark Wahlberg/A&E Will Pilot Teamsters, Set in Boston. The unscripted pilot will follow the Local 25 union, the “most legendary union in the most aggressive and territorial city in America: Boston.” Plot details are in short supply, but it will follow Local 25 as the union battles for the rights of 11,000 members. [Hollywood Reporter]

Boston/Cambridge Political Tug-of-War for Google Is On. At stake is another Vertex-esque scenario (packing up heading to the Innovation District), and so, the tough-talking starts. “I think Boston’s energies would be better spent trying to get other innovative companies to move to the region,” Cambridge City Councilor Leland Cheung said. “We’re going to work with (Google) to do our best to accommodate them.” [Herald]

Two Mitt Romneys? One Is Enough. No, Really. Two Mitts really aren’t better than one, and Romney seems to have dropped the better half of his split personality a long time ago. First, we had Massachusetts Mitt, who everyone seems to wish were running for president, and Severely Conservative Mitt, the guy who no one really likes but is on the ballot, anyway. [NYT]

Warm Weather Means Rough Year for Syrup Makers. The unusually high temps are leaving some maple producers fearing for their yields, and some are tapping their trees earlier than usual in hopes of gathering the most sugary sap before it’s gone. One farm decided to not tap at all this year: “With the energy cost and labor, it just wasn’t worth tapping 500 trees and gathering the sap and boiling it down,’’ says Turtle Lane Maple Farm owner Paul Boulanger, who says he would have to boil down more than double the amount of sap to produce the same amount of syrup. What a difference a year makes. [Globe]

Massachusetts Officials Taking a Leaf from European Wind Turbine Industry. Four energy officials will visit England, Denmark, and Germany to better understand what has worked and what hasn’t worked in creating wind energy. Now, if the Europeans can help to shed some light on wind-turbine syndrome, that would help, too. [South Coast Today]