Top Tweets of the #BostonBlackout

In some places, people use Twitter to start revolutions, pass on subversive information, topple regimes, and change their worlds. Here in Boston, we use this interconnectivity all the time, too. Just, our words don’t seem to carry the vigor of those overseas who struggle for freedom. That doesn’t mean our tweets in crisis aren’t funny. Rallying around the #BostonBlackout hashtag, the denizens of Twitter are
passing info, jokes, and a hella-lot of complaining. Here are the 10 best #BostonBlackout tweets I found this morning.

On seeing Boston in a new way:

@newSavvi: So bizarre, so cool. #BostonBlackOut is making me see this place in a whole new light. #Boston is #beautiful tonight.

@newSavvi: #ThingsYouLearn in a #Northeastern #BostonBlackOut: more rats on Columbus than anywhere else.

On suffering:

@allisonhelena: Bundling up and trying to sleep in this freezing room with no electricity #bostonblackout

@Rothhaar11: Sleeping in the #bostonblackout is kinda like camping #wearingmanylayers and my pants are tucked into my socks

On relief that their block has reentered the 21st century:

@nickylibs: Thank you @NSTAR_News for working to restore my power! #bostonblackout. Wish my apt didn’t smell like cake bc of the candles…#hungry

On seeing the bright side (sheesh, these puns write themselves):

@kris10cn: Going to bed dreaming of another #BostonBlackout day off of work. With no snow days, I gotta take what I can this winter.

Demographic predictions:

@ughhdotcom: How many kids will be conceived during the #bostonblackout ? My guess… A LOT.

The overly dramatic:

@JillMcInnis: #bostonblackout making me realize how much I really appreciate power and how dependent I am on technology…hour 28 without it all #bored

@HeyRatty: Incredibly happy for all my Back Bay friends. You showed us that the will 2 survive is one of the strongest forces on Earth. #bostonblackout

And the guy who ties it all together:

@dlfg13: People who say something is “like a 3rd-world country” are always ppl who obviously have never been to a 3rd-world country #BostonBlackout