Apple Fans Line Up for iPad 3

Apple-Heads Line Up on Boylston for iPad 3. A base iPad 3: $499. A base iPad 2: $399. Apple having power at its Boylston Street store this morning: Priceless. [NECN]

Try Not to Scream When You Call NStar To Report Outages. NStar says power is restored to all remaining customers (this time for real), but advises that there could still be isolated outages. “This is a long road,” NStar spokeswoman Caroline Pretyman says. “We thank everyone for their patience and want to make sure they know this was a catastrophic failure.” Catastrophic failure, indeed. []

The Best Thing to Come Out of the Boston Blackout So Far? These pics of enormous cats at the Southwick Zoo enjoying cuts of prime beef! [Worcester Telegram]

Sal DiMasi Confirms He Testified Before Grand Jury. Now that what everyone suspected is now confirmed, the speculation begins: Did DiMasi rat anyone out? If he’s going back to Kentucky, does that mean he didn’t give any information? Is the grand jury’s investigation into the State Probation Department going down the tubes? “Nobody has any real sense of what may or may not happen,’’ said Rep. Charles A. Murphy (D-Burlington). “Sal’s presence escalated the apprehension. No one knows what he said or if he said anything.’’ []

GLBT Group Rejected from South Boston St. Patty’s Day Parade. While the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade is a day full of excitement and youth-like wonder, it’s not for all. Parade organizers rejected an application from MassEquality to participate in the festivity, citing a Supreme Court decision from more than 15 years ago. MassEquality executive director Kara Suffredini issued a statement focusing on the bigger issues that the LGBT community faces, but notes that the rejection “is significant in that it’s emblematic of the more life-altering rejection our community members face every day.” [The Rainbow Times]