Boston Men Expect Sex on the First Date

Well, at least one in eight of them do — the highest ratio of the cities polled by Glamour and for their “Secret Dating World of American Singles” survey (they talked to 8,000 singles in the country’s 10 most populous cities and 10 most populous states).

Additionally, 26.4 percent of Boston’s women reported that they are unhappy with their dating lives, making them the most unhappy singles in all the nation.

If you’ve ever considered leaving Boston behind for other — more fertile? — dating pastures (things are complicated here; just follow the Globe‘s Love Letters column), these stats from Glamour and might help you decide where to go:

– Women are happiest with their dating lives in Washington, D.C.

– Thirty-nine percent of California men call or text on the way home to say they had a good time.

– Alaska has the highest number of eligible men per woman. (There’s only one catch: You have to move to Alaska.)

And, if you decide that Georgia is the next best relationship step for you, keep in mind that the Peach State has the highest percentage of women who get a Brazilian wax before a big date: 24 percent.

Ouch. Maybe Boston isn’t so bad after all …