Jenny Dell Will Refer to Herself in the Third Person

I’m rooting for Jenny Dell. Hired as NESN’s new Red Sox sideline reporter, she’s in a tough spot trying to replace Heidi Watney. First, how is she going to eat all that gross food? Second, no matter what she does or how much baseball knowledge she exhibits, people will always assume, fairly or unfairly, that she’s there for her looks. (Note: That’s not me saying that! It’s “people.” I’m sure she’s very talented!) But thus it was with Watney, and thus it was with Tina Cervasio and Hazel Mae before her.

So, in that spirit of generosity, I’m not going to mention that Jenny Dell referred to herself in the third person last night on Twitter. Nope, won’t put here how she tweeted:

I won’t even tell you that the blog post Jenny Dell links to about Jenny Dell is written by Jenny Dell and is a sort of cheesy and hilarious form of self-help journal writing. I also won’t say that, if that’s a sign of things to come, we could be in for a very unintentionally funny baseball season. Nope, not going to say anything about it. Just going to move on to talking about Bobby Valentine’s announcement of the Sox’s opening day pitcher. Welcome Jenny Dell!