The Mitt Romney Archives

Mitt Romney is many things: rich, well-coiffed, and the GOP’s least-favorite, yet most likely, Republican presidential nominee. He’s been campaigning more or less since 2007, and we’ve been covering him for even longer than that. So here, in light of this latest run, we’ve compiled nearly a decade of stories from our our magazine, plus our recent blog coverage of the former Massachusetts governor:

Magazine Articles
The Presidential Look, January 2012
Popular wisdom has it that the fastest way to a voter’s support is variously through the mouth, wallet, or ears. But really, the eyes might be best: Everyone’s constantly sizing one another up, says Mac Fulfer, author of Amazing Face Reading and one of the nation’s foremost experts on the subject.

The Inanity Defense, October 2008
In a banner year for local scandal, the public figures starring in the assorted follies have been offering up some mind-boggling excuses. It makes you wonder which is worse: the violation of our trust, or the intelligence-insulting whoppers that follow.

Flip-Flopping all the Way to the White House, September 2007
How our ex-pro-choice, for-gay-rights-before-he-was-against-them, varmint-huntin’, inimitably shifty, undeniably cunning former governor is turning flip-flopping into a surprisingly viable presidential campaign strategy.

Liberal Criticism, September 2007
Candidate Romney is just the latest self-serving conservative pol to use Massachusetts—the bluest of blue states—as a prop for his own advancement. But his barbs carry unwelcome truth.

City Journal: Inside Mitt’s New Digs, February 2007
With Romney’s campaign for the presidency just off the ground, we get an exclusive tour of his North End headquarters.

Power: The Lessons of Leadership, May 2005
Mitt Romney talks strategy, strength, and the world politics.

The Contender, November 2004
Forget this presidential election. Mitt Romney is already running in the next one. Can he win?

My Dinner With Mitt, January 2003
An evening with the Romney clan is an experience in old-fashioned family values. But with the new governor about to make some harsh decisions, will the warm and fuzzy feelings last?

Latter-Day Complaints, June 2002
Mitt Romney’s rivals in the campaign for governor are quietly resorting to a new weapon: Mormon-bashing.

Recent Coverage From Our Blogs
Mitt Romney’s Super Mediocre Tuesday, March 2012
The former Massachusetts governor continues plodding toward the GOP nomination.

Super Tuesday: From the Massachusetts Polls, March 2012
If Newt or Santorum wins, I will have to move to Canada,’ one voter said.

Romneycare Totally Works, February 2012
Universal health care is actually starting to save money in Massachusetts.

What Would Happen If Rick Santorum Beats Mitt Romney?, February 2012
Santorum would lose the general election under almost any circumstances — but not under all circumstances.

Dear Mitt Romney: Get Your Act Together, February 2012
Romney is bleeding cash and losing to Rick Santorum.

Campaigning with the 1 Percent, February 2012
Romney doesn’t rough it at campaign stops, opting instead for luxury hotels.

Mitt Romney’s Google Issues, February 2012
Why Crate-Gate just won’t die on the internet.

The GOP Primary is Over, February 2012
In the first state that really matters, Romney crushes Gingrich.

Reading South Carolina’s Tea Leaves, January 2012
The exit polls tell us why Gingrich won and why Romney’s in trouble.

Mitt Romney and the Lost Cause, January 2012
Why voting for Romney scares the hell out of South Carolina.

How to Beat Mitt Romney, January 2012
His GOP opponents need to join forces.

Dear Rick Santorum, You’re Welcome, January 2012
The latest candidate who’s not Mitt Romney owes his rise to the media.

Mitt Romney’s Two Fatal Flaws, January 2012
Why beating Romney suddenly looks a lot easier.

Can Mitt Romney Really Win New Hampshire?, January 2012
In the game of political expectations, the deck is stacked against him.

Romney & Allies Spend $4.3 Million, Lose Votes, January 2012
A three-way tie in the Iowa GOP caucuses isn’t great news for Mitt.

Watch: The Top 10 Things Mitt Romney Wants To Say to America, December 2011
‘What’s up, gangstas?’

Is Romney the Luckiest Politician Alive?, December 2011
As the Gingrich bubble bursts, Mitt continues his plodding race to GOP victory.

Why Evangelicals Can’t Forgive Romney, December 2011
How does a cheating Gingrich get a pass from Christians?

Is Mitt Romney a Loser?, December 2011
The former Massachusetts governor can’t close the deal.

Decoding Mitt Romney’s Dog Whistle, December 2012
Translating the Mitt-bot’s answers at the Fox News presidential forum.

Mitt Romney is Inevitable, November 2011
Yes, he’s boring — but he’s also the only grownup in the GOP race.

Which Herman Cain Video Makes Mitt Romney’s Blood Boil More?, October 2011

Mitt Romney = Hillary Clinton?, October 2011

The Sex Education of Mitt Romney, October 2011

Life Under President Mitt Romney?, October 2011

Award Winners for Last Night’s GOP Debate, October 2011

GOP Debate Audience Makes Quite a Comeback, October 2011

Why Doesn’t Anyone Like Mitt Romney?, October 2011

How Does Mitt Romney Define Federalism?, September 2011

Mitt Romney Flips, and Mitt Romney Goes, September 2011

Mitt Romney Is Just Like You. He Is Forbidden to Sleep Under Bridges, June 2011

Wait – Did Mitt Romney Commit Voter Fraud?, June 2011

Never Thought I’d Say This: I’m Proud of Mitt Romney, May 2011

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