Boston's Power Couples

Red Sox's John Henry and Linda Pizzuti

Power couple No. 9: John Henry and Linda Pizzuti (Photo originally taken for The Owner Takes a Wife, May 2009, by David Yellen.)

As a part of our ranking of the 50 most powerful people in Boston, we’ve also rounded up some of the most powerful couples in town:

1. Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen
Gisele’s post-Super Bowl defense of hubby Tom only cemented their status as Boston’s “it” couple.

2. Steve and Barbara Grossman
They’re perfectly situated at the intersection of arts and politics — she’s a Tufts theater professor, he’s the state treasurer.

3. Anne Finucane and Mike Barnicle
Bank of America bigwig + political talking head = pure power goodness.

4. Bernie and Phyl Rubin
Best. Commercials. Evah.

5. Greg and Dina Selkoe
The über-hipsters behind Karmaloop, one of the few Boston fashion lines to hit it big.

6. Corinne and Wyc Grousbeck
She’s a player in philanthropy, while he co-owns the Celtics.

7. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick
By far the most successful pairing in Boston history.

8. Kevin Youkilis and Julie Brady
Wait, let’s get this straight: Tom’s kid sis is marrying the Red Sox’s greatest goatee?!

9. John Henry and Linda Pizzuti
You can either hate on the storybook pairing or get on board.

10. Sam Plimpton and Wendy Shattuck
He’s loaded, and she’s the queen of the socialites. Be nice to them if you ever want to work or play in this town.