A State Bailout for the MBTA?

A State Bailout for the MBTA? A Globe poll of 540 Massachusetts voters found that 40 percent would support a state bailout of the embattled MBTA, while 34 percent were opposed. The remaining 26 percent were undecided or did not know, and rumor has it that Mitt Romney is now trying to court their vote. [Globe]

Phoebe Prince’s Father Gives First Interview to Dateline NBC. Jeremy Prince broke his silence in a Dateline NBC interview that aired last night about his daughter’s tragic suicide in January 2011 after she was relentlessly bullied at school. He said his younger daughter tried to save Phoebe’s life, but it was too late: “She told me that she had tried to undo the knots around Phoebe’s neck and couldn’t … I think natural defense mechanisms in the mind let you take it slowly, bit by bit, and realize the full horror of it.” [22News]

April Fools Pranks: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. In case you weren’t pleasantly or unpleasantly reminded, yesterday was April 1. A recap of the day’s pranks: There’s this video of Romney showing up at a campaign event with no audience, the Forbes.com blog post claiming Romney dropped out of the race and endorsed Rick Santorum, and our very own, very self-proclaimed, very new restaurant critic. [YouTube | Washington Post | Grub Street / Facebook]

Snakes on a MBTA Train! Thanks to PETA, we can now watch this YouTube clip of Samuel L. Jackson’s best line ever. [Herald]

Does Unseasonably Warm Weather Increase Tornadoes in Massachusetts? Nope. [Boston.com]