BU's Student Newspaper April Fools' Edition Draws Outrage

BU’s Student Newspaper April Fools’ Edition Draws Outrage. Reason number one million why April Fools’ stories and editions tend to not fare so well for media outlets — especially if they’re run by college students. In this instance, The Daily Free Press wound up making “jokes” about frat boys/dudemanbros sexually assaulting women … weeks after it happened on campus for real. You can guess how that went over.  [Jezebel | Board of Directors Apology]

Martha Coakley Sure Has Been Busy Lately. You know the saying, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”? That’s basically what Jon Kellar is saying about yesterday’s indictment of former state treasurer Timothy Cahill on corruption charges stemming from taxpayer-funded lottery ads, which also boosted his unsuccessful campaign for governor. This morning, Cahill told WCVB that he did nothing wrong — and vowed to fight the charges. “The attorney general has alleged that I used public resources to run a campaign ad, which I did not. My job as treasurer was to maximize revenue for the lottery, which we did, which I did, and that was my job and I performed that duty, with or without a campaign,” he said.  [CBS | WCVB]

Daniel F. Conley: Massachusetts, Please Get Out of the Dark Ages. Conley, the Suffolk County District Attorney, argues that Massachusetts law has yet to catch up with the science of DNA evidence at crime scenes — and quotes Mark Twain circa the 1880s to drive his point home.  [Wicked Local]

Massachusetts Suburbs, Islands Home To Healthiest Residents. A national survey released today by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that residents of Nantucket and the Vineyard are among the nation’s healthiest, while residents of Hampden and Suffolk counties have the most health problems. “When it comes to health, suburbs rule,’’ Bridget Catlin, the project’s director, failing to note that pretty much everything else about the suburbs really doesn’t.  [Boston.com]

RMV Gives Onyango Obama Hardship Driver’s License. Clear the streets!  [Herald]