Former Facebook Exec Lands in Boston

If you’ve been paying attention to the city’s startup scene as of late, it’s hard not to notice a buzzing noise that’s only getting louder. Incubators like TechStars and MassChallenge are churning out burgeoning new startups. Harvard just created their new Innovation Lab to foster entrepreneurship. Google just announced plans to expand its campus, making it their fourth largest in the world. International firms are increasingly looking to the Hub to set up their American offices. And Kevin Colleran, Facebook’s seventh employee (who’s worked there longer than anyone except Zuckerberg himself) recently announced he was leaving the social media powerhouse to join General Catalyst, a Cambridge-based venture firm.

According to the New York TimesDealBook blog, Colleran was drawn to the city’s “rich” potential:

“I wanted to get back in the game,” Mr. Colleran told DealBook. “Every year there are new startups coming from within the dorm rooms of Harvard, M.I.T., etc., and I hope to be able to make early stage investments in the next Mark Zuckerberg while he or she is still in Boston.”

Let’s hope that all of these moves mean the next Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t have to leave town in order to make their startup a success.